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"My ball striking ability has already improved beyond what I hoped I could have achieved....I've gained at least 10 yards in distance with every club, and I'm hitting some of the longest drives of my career."

RD Ferren, OR

Twice chosen by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation.

"The most significant advancement in golf instruction in over twenty-five years....alumni of the golf schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to play better golf."

Golf Magazine article about Balance Point Golf Schools



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                         Palm Springs
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"Mr. Waldron – thank you so much for being such a great teacher. You quickly diagnosed by real problem and got my game back on track. Your insights and ability to communicate your concepts has helped my golf game tremendously."

Clare Dittemore, winner of four tournaments within weeks of working with Jim Waldron

"After taking the Great Shot! golf school in 2012, I saw immediate improvements in my golf swing, I was swinging with confidence and striking the ball better than I ever have. I played off a 10.9 handicap when I attended the school and just five months later was down to a 4.9 handicap. I now consistently shoot in the 70's and shot my first round under par. I never thought I would enjoy golf this much!"

Ben Barrie, Portland, OR


 "I'm scoring consistently now in the low to mid 80's (6 months after the school) ....before attending your golf school I could not break 100! My shotmaking consistency has improved dramatically."

Rick Jenkins, WA



"I learned more about the golf swing and how the game is played in five days with Jim Waldron than I learned in my previous 45 years of reading, instruction and playing."

Herb Hipsher, Hawaii

 We offer three main types of instruction programs: small group golf schools; Private Custom golf schools with a 1:1 student/teacher ratio; and private hourly lessons. All of these programs feature Master Teacher Jim Waldron as lead instructor.  In Great Shot!, our award-winning three-day school, we show you how to master an effective golf swing - longer drives, more accurate iron shots and much more consistent shotmaking. Learn the mechanics of the modern tour pro golf swing! Includes 200 page training manual.

Our HAWAII GOLF SCHOOLS are held on Oahu January through March 2015 at Ko Olina Golf Club.

Three-day Great Shot School: Jan 23-25, Mar 13-15
Tuition: $1,795. Kama'aina $1,595. Four and five-day options also available.

Private, custom schools to fit your schedule are available by appointment January 1 through March 18, 2015.

See our complete Hawaii schedule

We will be in PALM SPRINGS at The First Tee of the Coachella Valley in Palm Desert in April.

Three-day Great Shot School: Apr 3-5
Tuition: $1,495 Four and five-day options available.

See our complete Palm Springs schedule. Private, custom schools available by appointment March 31 and April 7, 8, 9.


Balance Point Golf Schools has twice been chosen by GOLF Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation and was also recently included on their list of Best Golf Schools in America.

GOLF Magazine's editors said about Balance Point Golf Schools, "...alumni of the schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to play better golf."

The Top 25 award is the gold standard for excellence in the golf school industry and it is based on positive results achieved by golf school graduates as reported to GOLF Magazine's golf school graduate survey. It is also based on "...the quality of the instruction staff and teaching facilities based on survey results from thousands of golf school alumni." GOLF Magazine's instruction editors also singled out Balance Point Golf Schools in the May 1999 issue for special recognition as just one of four golf schools nationwide that "improve the golfer's mind as much as his mechanics." GOLF Magazine called this approach "...the most significant advancement in golf instruction in the past 25 years...alumni of the schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to play better golf."

Our founder and Director of Instruction, Jim Waldron, is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher nominee for 2001, 2003 and 2005, and a Top Regional Teacher (Northwest) from 2001 to 2006 and recently won this award for a fourth time for 2007-2008. Jim was also naemd to Golf Digest's Best Teacher in State list for Oregon in 2013.



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"Jim Waldron of Balance Point Golf Schools could be the most interesting and compelling of the coaches I've ever spoken to..."     Fred Greene, host of the most popular golf instruction podcast on the web, GolfSmarter





That's what our students tell us - including many who have played golf for many years and attended many of our competition's schools. We are revolutionizing the golf instruction world with our groundbreaking new model for helping golfers achieve their dreams of playing extraordinary golf. Our golf school graduates tell us that we are the most unique and effective golf school in America.

The Balance Point mind/body connection model is the critical missing link in golf instruction. A balanced blending of physical, mechanical and mental training is the key to real shot making consistency and lower scores.  This mind/body connection model also simply means that when learning golf's physical skills, your mind must first clearly understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Then - and only then - will you be able to train your body to effortlessly execute the proper swing and short game mechanics.

Read more: Why our students call us the Best Golf School in America

"Balance Point Golf Schools is by far the best instruction I have received in my forty years of golfing "

Les Mahon, Montana

"The Balance Point Golf School I attended made far more sense about golf than anything I had tried before...makes "traditional" golf schools obsolete.

Pat Carey, Yakima, WA

"I have had instruction from club pros in my area and Jim Waldron's instruction was amazingly better, from swing mechanics to mind/body connection, everything was superior."

Stan Sinor, Chico, CA

"I am sure I learned more about golf from my five days at Balance Point Golf Schools than I would have from any other golf school. I believe Jim Waldron has developed the Holy Grail for learning golf."

Rick Thrasher, Hawaii

"The results have been amazing to date! I am consistently shooting in the 80's, the Rip It to the Target! mental game school and the Great Shot! full swing school have made a huge difference..."

Stan Foremski, Issaquah, WA

"Jim Waldron and his staff teach the complete golf swing from A to Z. You leave the golf school totally knowing the correct golf swing and how to learn it with specific drills...good value for the money."

Richard Hull, Dallas, TX

"My handicap was at least 20 when I came to your Balance Point Golf School, and is now a 10, and I have complete confidence that it will continue to drop down into single digits. I really must thank you again for restoring my enjoyment of golf."

Frank Baldry, Canada

"If you really want to get better at golf, and understand the golf swing, there is no other way to go."

Lon Pilichowsky, Renton, WA

"I am hitting the ball further, straighter and with more consistency than ever before."

Randy Lishka, Portland, OR

Read more: Feedback from Our Students

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Our award-winning Great Shot! golf school training manual is now available for download as an E-Book
Click here to order and for more information.
The 200 page manual is like an encyclopedia of golf swing fundamentals, swing theory, mechanics, and the psychology of how to learn and practice effectively. This book encompasses Jim Waldron's complete body of knowledge about the golf swing, the end product of over 40 years of research and teaching the craft of ballstriking.

Golf Digest has named Jim Waldron to their Best Teacher in State list for Oregon.

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Winter 2015 in HAWAII 

Experience the ultimate in golf skills learning in the tropical island paradise of Oahu, Hawaii. We return January through March to Ko'Olina Golf Club near Honolulu for our twenty-first consecutive season of cutting-edge golf instruction. Our Hawaii golf schools cover the full range of golf skills: full swing, short game, putting and mental game. Private schools can be customized to accommodate instruction needs and vacation schedules. Learn more....

Coming in May...PACIFIC NORTHWEST Golf Instruction

Our Portland, Oregon Golf Schools begin mid-May and run through October. Please visit our
Portland, Oregon Golf Schools page for details. Private lessons and Custom Schools available.

Give us a call at 1-800-898-4563 or email to chat with a staff professional about your golf game improvement goals and a recommendation for the golf instruction program that best fits your needs.



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Twice chosen by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation.

"The most significant advancement in golf instruction in over twenty-five years....alumni of the golf schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to play better golf."

Golf Magazine article on Balance Point Golf Schools